Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hello and welcome to Green Goddess Goodies! It seems so fitting that my first blog is the day after Earth Day! Let me tell you why...Green Goddess Goodies is an extension of Green Goddess Gourmet. GGG is a personal chef, catering and cooking education business that emphasizes the use of organic, seasonal, local and unrefined foods in delicious meal preparation. The idea is to form a true symbiotic relationship with our Mother Earth. By treating ourselves to tasty, well intentioned, thoughtful, organic foods from local sources we can reduce the need for fuel, eliminate waste and encourage a greater responsiblitiy and repect for our Earth and her resources. And we feel better! And the food tastes better! And we support our neighbors!

On this blog I hope to share such goodies as recipes, websites and other information that can allow all of us to make better food and lifestyle choices. Salud!

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